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2009 Indian Creek Study by EQR to identify pollution sources and possible mitigation and restoration projects.

Indian Creek - Photo: COG Indian Creek Watershed Info

Recent Events around Indian Creek

CCRIC is part of the Anacostia Watershed Network

Recent events

Indian Creek cleanup, April 25, 2015:

The Anacostia Earth Day cleanup along Sunnyside Avenue in Beltsville was a great success. The weather was cloudy and cold but dry. It was perfect for the workout that such a cleanup usually is.
BCWWG CCRIC and AWS thank the 32 volunteers that came to this cleanup!
Together, we pulled from the roadside and the woods:

  • 8 tires,
  • 40 bags of recyclables,
  • 35 bags of trash,
  • 100 lb of concrete rubble,
  • 30 feet of gutter,
  • a pallet, a cooler, a hubcap,
  • auto parts and other large pieces of debris!
Again, thanks to everyone:
to the Girl Scout troop,
to all the families and individuals from nearby and farther away that came to help at this site,
to the Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) for supplying gloves and bags, volunteer signups and driving directions on their web site,
and to Tom Taylor of BCWWG for organizing the cleanup and obtaining the materials from AWS.

Upcoming events

Meetings are usually held every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 PM. Please check the schedule below.
Apr. 2015
Tue. 28 7 PM - 9 PM CCRIC Agenda items:
  • FBI at Greenbelt Metro - updates on security requirements - Greenbelt City Council meeting, Monday April 13 (Ben)
  • Indian Creek Stream cleanup results - Apr. 25
  • Berwyn Heights Rain Barrel Workshop - Sun., May 17
May 2015
Sun. 17 afternoon - TBD Town of Berwyn Heights, CCRIC Rain Barrel Workshop:

The event is sponsored by the Green Team and the Town of Berwyn Heights for its residents to build and learn how to install rain barrels at their home.
CCRIC will provide support and information about watershed issues.

Organizations mentioned:
BCWWG - Beaverdam Creek Watershed Watch Group
AWS - Anacostia Watershed Society

Last Update: Apr. 24, 2015 (Lutz Rastätter).